Lighting The Backyard

With Stylish Outdoor Lighting Designs

If you are looking for outdoor lighting ideas to make your garden look a bit more appealing or add security to your home, then choosing some stylish new outdoor lighting is a good starting point.

There are many different types of outdoor lighting to choose from – ranging from faux firepits to hanging garden lights, solar powered lights that will charge themselves during the day to provide illumination at night, fairly lights, lanterns, and miniature lamp posts or polls that can be embedded into the ground.

Many people opt to make DIY lights that have a rustic feel to them. For example, hollowing out ‘cracked logs’ and covering lamps with them to create a cool glowing log effect, or wrapping LED lights around a hoop or some wicker-work and using that to create illuminated sculptures.

In addition to using lighting, another option for making a stunning evening scape is to use glow in the dark paint. Imagine having a row of lamps on either side of a pathway, and then painting the pathway with glow in the dark paint. This will create a magical looking environment, and is a fast and simple way to make an impactful change to your landscaping.

Rope lighting is something else that you can use to good effect. Run a rope light around the rim of your pond, or the edge of your path, to illuminate it and draw attention to it at night.

DIY Lighting

There are some stunning DIY lighting options out there. For example you can take a wine bottle, and put candle’style LEDs in the top to create a ‘flaming bottle’ look, with the battery inside the bottle. You can turn almost any reasonably waterproof container into a light, just use your imagination.

Lights embedded in rocks are quite easy to buy from garden centers. Some are embedded in real rocks, others are embedded in plastic rocks that are made to feel a lot like the real thing.

Security Lighting

Security lights range from simple wall lights to moving spotlights. Some simply move on a pre-set pattern or randomized one. Some, on the other hand, are motion sensing, and will trigger and attempt to track motion. Security lights are quite Spartan, and are designed to flood the area with light. They are not decorative, and they are designed to be a nuisance to a would-be intruder. They’re the sort of thing that you would turn off when you were using your outdoor party lighting.

Remember that you cannot use standard household lamps outdoors, because they are not designed to be exposed to the elements. Outdoor lights are made to be waterproof, and either have their own battery power supply, or plug into the mains supply using a cable that is durable and waterproof. You should be mindful of the bulbs that you choose for outdoor lighting.

Landscape Lighting Explained

You have designed your backyard to perfection and can’t get your eyes off it during the day. However, when night comes, all the beauty and aesthetics go away, and you have to wait until sunrise. Landscape lighting is an important part of any garden. It brightens your garden after the sun sets and makes it look beautiful during the night.

What Are The Benefits?

Landscape lighting is used to bring out the things hidden by the darkness and enhance the property. It extends the time you enjoy watching or relaxing in your garden. It also helps keep the property safe during the night. Lighting the pathways makes the garden safer since you can watch your steps well as you move through the backyard during the evening.

Intruders and dangerous animals that might find their way into your garden like hiding in the shadows. Proper lighting eliminates these shadows, and this discourages these intruders from coming into your garden. Strategically placed landscape lights can also deter intruders from getting into your house by removing any protective cover near your house.

Landscape lighting helps in enhancing the aesthetic qualities of your yard, something that can help you bargain for a higher price if you want to sell the piece of property. Good lighting brings out the beauty of your house and the magnificence of your landscape. Homes with incredible landscape lighting often leave the impression that they belong in luxurious estates, a thing that matters when selling the house. Potential buyers who are extra keen will visit a home at night and see what it looks like.

Where Should You Light?

The manner in which you place your landscape lights is critical. Poorly placed lights can mess up the entire yard. When considering where to place the lights, first look at the elements contained in your property. Such items include flower beds, artwork, plants, fountains and walkways among others. Which components should you highlight and which ones should you downplay? Pathways should be well lit for starters as people would want to see where they are going. Water fountains should be well lit as the combination of the flowing water, and a good light rarely goes wrong.

Items such as trash cans and other functional things that do not need any attention should be left hidden. The most important thing is to come up with an ideal balance, one that will make your garden look natural and beautiful. The lighting should be well spread so that you do not have one side of the garden being well lit while the other one is dark. The mechanisms of putting up landscape lighting are not cast on stone, and you are allowed to get imaginative. Ensure the transitions between the area covered by one light to another are smooth and in sync.

Where Should You Get The Ideas?

Before deciding on a specific way of lighting, walk around with a flashlight in your yard and try to light specific areas. This is a great way of initiating your ideas since you will know which features look stunning when lit. Do not rush with these ideas. Try checking the internet for some great options and see what other people have done. You could also visit your neighbors and friends who have done their lighting work and see the transitions and options. After doing this, you will be having a picture of how you want your garden to look like during the night. Consult an expert with these ideas and see what they have to say. Experts will give you advice based on what you think and give you more options. From there, you will be well informed to make the bold decision and set up your desired landscape lighting system.

Landscape lighting is a creative thing that needs a combination of information and creativity. Do not let your yard remain dark during the night by lighting it in the best way possible.

How to Plan and Hang String Patio Lights

String patio lights are fun and whimsical and can provide a truly breathtaking atmosphere. These lights make entertaining outdoors a joy, as well as simply dining or relaxing in style. In this article, we will talk about how you can plan and hang these lights so that you can be enjoying a fabulous patio space either day or night!

1. Measure

First, you will want to measure your outdoor space so that you can hang your string lights correctly. If it helps you, you may want to sketch out the area that you will want to hang the lights so that you have a visual of what you want to do, and what will actually work. This sketch will also come in handy when you are deciding the pattern in which to hang your lights in. Be sure to add 2 to 6 feet to your measurements and then purchase string lights that coincide with your final numbers.

2. Decide Your Pattern, and Where the Lights Will Be Attached

Take a look at your outdoor space. Do you have a few trees around? Trees are excellent when it comes to hanging string lights across a space to brighten it up. They also look fantastic when hung against tall fences, on gazebos, etc. Just be sure that you know exactly where you want your lights to be, and that the lights will actually work in this area.

If you decide that you want your lights to drape overhead across the lawn, you can get a bit creative when it comes to the pattern in which they are arranged. This is where your sketch from earlier will come in handy. Are there any trees or posts that your lights can wrap around or be anchored to? If so, you can use the popular “V” design, where the lights start from your patio, wrap around the post or tree, and then come back to the patio, thus lighting up this whole area. Another thing that you can do if you have space is to “zig-zag” the lights or create a square pattern with them.

In conclusion, patio lights are truly beautiful and can work with any size outdoor space. If you decide that you want to give your patio a whimsical feel, measure your area and purchase some beautiful string lights today. You’ll never want to go indoors again!

Outdoor Lighting Safety

If you have children or pets then you will want to pay extra attention to outdoor lighting safety. Porch lights and security lights are the sort of thing that you will want to have installed by a professional to ensure that they work properly. When it comes to decorative lighting – such as displays for the holidays and for Christmas, there are a few extra things that you should consider.

When you’re buying decorative lights, read the packaging and make sure that they are outdoor-rated. Many lights, especially those sold in discount stores, are rated for indoor use only, and are likely to short or blow if they get exposed to cold or damp. Outdoor-rated lights can cope with getting wet, and are weather resistance.

Even with outdoor flood lights, you will need to make sure that you fit an outdoor-rated bulb as a replacement. Read the packaging carefully to make sure that the light can cope with very hot or very cold temperatures.

Make sure that you don’t over-lamp the fixture. Usually, there is a label which tells you the maximum wattage of the bulb that you’re fitting. Respect that label. If you put in a light bulb that has a higher rating, then it will overheat the fixture’s wiring, and that could damage the insulation that protects the wires from the environment. If you’re using a CFL bulb, then make sure that you check the actual wattage of the bulb, rather than going by the “incandescent equivalent” on the label. You can use any bulb that will draw up to 60W in a 60W fixture – and a 60W CFL bulb would put out far more light than that, and could have an “incandescent equivalent” rating of 200W or more.

If you need to run an extension cord to a lamp that you are installing outside, make sure that it’s an outdoor-rated extension. Even then, remember that outdoor rated extension cords are really designed for temporary use. If you’re fitting a lamp for long term use, then you will want to make sure that you get some more permanent wiring run out to the lamp.

Be wary of flammable materials too – remember that lightbulbs generate heat, so if you’re putting together a display (whether that’s a Christmas nativity or something for a birthday party) be careful about putting bunting or flags around the area, because there’s always the risk of them catching fire if the bulbs overheat.

Make sure that the receptacles are weather-resistant, and plan how you will run the wiring carefully. Don’t run wires out through a window, because this leaves you at risk of rain getting into your home.

It’s important that you fit a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter to protect your lights and your home’s wiring. This is one of the most important developments in terms of electrical safety over the last several decades, but not all properties actually have one. If you are plugging something in while you’re grounded, then you could be at risk without one – and being outside in the yard or in your garden definitely counts.

Be sure to install damp covers for areas such as under a sheltered patio. They will make all the difference.

As you can see there’s a lot to think about when it comes to safety in your home and in your garden, and you should never skimp with lighting because lives are at risk. Be sure to buy the right bulbs and the right appliances for the circumstances, and make sure that you don’t use anything that shows signs of wear and tear or damage. Read the packaging carefully, and follow the instructions at all time. Try to keep wires away from children or pets so that they don’t get damaged and so that your loved ones don’t get hurt.

With the right care and the right precautions, you can turn your garden into a stunning place with a fairytale atmosphere and make displays that will be the envy or your neighbours. It doesn’t have to cost a lot of money either. It’s easy to have fun in your garden if you are just creative. Follow these tips and you will have the most stunning garden on the block, and you will have your friends and family asking you for ideas.

Lastly, landscape lighting provides additional space for the people living there during the night. It brings an exciting atmosphere for keeping guests entertained on those relaxed evenings. Take a look at your local garden center or online for some great lights that are designed to be used outdoors, and that can be safely installed on a patio, in your back yard, in your greenhouse, or anywhere else outdoors for use all year round, and as a permanent installation. The possibilities are endless.

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